An Active Twin Fan Cooling Solution For The NESPI-Case (NES Classic Mini Inspired Raspberry Pi Case)

The NESPI-Case provides a wonderful retro-console like NES-Classic Mini alternative case for the Raspberry Pi 2/3 single board computers and single board computers with a similar layout (SD-card, HDMI, audio out) and size.

It works well with passively cooled Raspberry Pi 2 single board systems, preferably with stick on heat sinks. But for the Raspberry Pi 3 systems it pays to put active cooling in place. The case does provide a spot to put a little fan in the top shell of the case and also provides a fan header. I searched for such a little fan but encountered a compatible possibly even better cooling solution that has a copper heat sink for the RAM as well as a big cooling block with TWO fans! This video shows me installing it and testing it out.

I am not affiliated with this product, nor do I get paid for showing this product. Want one? Just google “Geeekpi fan”, I got it from a private seller on eBay. But you can get it on Amazon and AliExpress too.

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