AtariBox Postponed and Its a EPIC FAIL for Atari

The AtariBox is being postponed just a day before it was suppose to launch its Indiegogo campaign for pre-orders. This is a EPIC failure on the part of Atari for not recognizing that it would miss deadlines, but also to wait 1 day before going live for pre-orders to let the public know.

If your looking to buy the AtariBox, take this as a HUGE warning to be aware that Atari is not acting like the company its suppose to be, and missing deadlines like this is a HUGE failure on the part of their product marketing and ultimately, the company as a whole.


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AtariBox was suppose to go Pre-Order now.. But.. Its delayed. There’s A CHRISTMAS STORY LIVE musical on FOX this weekend, and a SHE-RA remake is coming to NETFLIX. Stay tuned for all that and more, coming up!

Waddup to my Peoples!
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I have tried my best to stay positive about the AtariBox guys.. I’ve giving it all the chances I could.

Their making a foray back into the console market in a time when theres already 3 huge contenders to deal with in the Xbox, Playstation, and now the Nintendos Switch.

And now, the day the AtariBox is suppose to go into pre-order, on Indiegogo I might add – you postpone that, which is just adding to the bonfire. Im just really losing optimism.

Atari – Are we going to repeat what happened with the Atari Jaguar CD? That console was suppose to be released during the holiday season of 1994, but due to delays, it didn’t get released until almost a year later.

Sounding eerily familiar Atari. You guys better get your head on straight before you come out making promises you obviously aren’t keeping.

I’m still holding onto some optimism, because the system from what I’ve seen looks beautiful, and as long as you have a controller to go with that joystick, you might sell some people on the idea.

But you better sell this thing with some high end titles and not just classic games if your planning on making it against the big 3.

Nostalgia alone will not work. I mean, just Look at how well your Atari flashback is doing against the Nintendo classic consoles, and even the sega genesis classic.

Not looking good guys..

Alright. On to some Retro Movie and TV entertainment news.

First off, NETFLIX. You my boy blue. You guys are just stilllll hitting on all cylinders. Now we just got news they NETFLIX and DreamWorks are REMAKING SHE-RA and it will be out in 2018.

And if they do this remake as well as they did with Voltron: Legendary Defender, your gonna see some really happy fanboy and girls.

According to DreamWorks, the series will be a modern take on the 80s girl power icon for a new generation of young fans.

And, this show could not be coming at a better time and I think it will be a hit with the younger kids that need good, strong, female role models to look up to.

You can already see how empowering the Wonder Woman franchise has been for girls, and I see this just adding to that.

I Look forward to seeing the show and I’ll keep yall informed when I get more information on it.

Then next up, you guys that grew up watching the 1983 classic, A CHRISTMAS STORY every year at Christmas to see little Ralphie get that red rider beebee gun are in for a real treat.

This Sunday at 7 Pm/6 Central, FOX is putting on A CHRISTMAS STORY LIVE! on TV.

There’s been a lot of LIVE Musicals in recent years, like GREASE, The WIZ, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and a few others, but this one really peaks my interest.

I basically spend every Christmas morning opening presents and the rest of the day watching A Christmas Story on repeat through the rest of the day. It’s a classic and one of the best Christmas shows ever made.

The LIVE show cast’s Maya Rudolph as Mother Parker, Matthew Broderick as Adult Ralphie, Chris Diamantopolous as Old Man Parker, and relative newcomer Andy Walken as Ralphie.

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