The Friday Foursome #21 – Christmas Gaming Gifts

Welcome back to the Friday Foursome. A four-weekly show where I set a question for you to answer as a video response. This is aimed to bring the gaming community together, have a bit of fun comparing answers, and to showcase those who enter. If you wish not to make a VR, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your answers.

Hope everyone enjoys this series and in due course finds a channel you will also enjoy. If you have missed the original deadline date, please make a response if you feel like it too. Why not?

The rules are simple: Firstly, you have to join/like my Facebook page –

This enables me to post your content.

Secondly, make & post your VR before the four week period from the date this video is posted or as stated. Link it to me via any media (Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Google+ etc) and I will post it on my Facebook page. There is no limit on the length of video. Deadline is normally the fourth Thursday, the day before the next episode is posted. This is subject to change and I will mention this in the video.

The video with the most amount of likes/votes will get featured on the next installment of Friday Foursome. Special mentions will be given to those who don’t use Facebook but have made a response.

Winning Entry of Friday Foursome #20… Everyone! Below!

Calling All Nerds –
TGAPuleius –
Acidonia150 –
Retro Gaming Wales –
Zoe Kirk-Robinson –
Shockz16 –

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Thank you to everyone who made a response. Gamers Unite!


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