NEC TurboGrafx 16 Repair / Composite AV & PC Engine to TG16 Controller Adapter

A surprisingly long video looking at an NEC TurboGrafx 16 I picked up recently. Described as faulty. I also talk about some of the chips on the board (PC Engine too), and cover a simple composite AV mod, as well as create an adapter to allow PC Engine controllers to be used with the TG16.

Links to videos and channels mentioned:-
MsMadLemon Basic Electronics & Soldering Guide Part 1 –
MsMadLemon Basic Electronics & Soldering Guide Part 2 –
Jaskwadrata PC Engine Mods & Homebrew HuCard –
Scott’s Game Asylum –

At one point I mentioned the 6 pin mini DIN – it’s an 8 pin mini DIN!
Can anyone spot what was ACTUALLY wrong with the video output from RF? I spotted it during after reviewing, whilst it was uploading to YouTube! Curious to see if anyone else works it out =D

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