Lenovo Tab3 8Plus – I Got It As A Replacement Android Tablet For My Old Google Nexus 7 (2012) Tablet

The Lenovo Tab3 8Plus 8″ tablet has replaced my ailing Google Nexus 7 7″ Android Tablet. It’s intended for the Chinese market but can be bought for other parts in the world as well. It can be bought cheap too; €170 euros in my neck of the woods and if you compare it to other cheap tablets this actually stands with heads and shoulders above the cheap tablets when it comes to software and build quality.

I bought this with my own funds over at Gearbest and I bought a magnetic cover/case for it over at Amazon and I did have to pay 20 euros import taxes which still made it a good deal. Prices may vary though.

Mind you this is a better specced unit (screen resolution and RAM wise) than the Tab 4 8 and Tab 4 10 variants intended for the Western market.

Amazon – has nice cases for the Lenovo Tab3 8Plus
Gearbest – sells the tablet outside of the Asian/Chinese market
Search around and you’ll no doubt find it.

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