[AMSTRAD CPC] Airwolf – Longplay (Live Stream Edit)

Longplay for “Airwolf” on the Amstrad CPC!

Allright guys! This has been edited from the “Impossible Amstrad CPC games?! (Part 1)” live stream the other week. On the stream we took a look at the hardest and most impossible games on the CPC and tried to beat them! Airwolf is probably the most notorious of them all, and was the first one in the list. And oh boy did it take a lot of snapshot reloads to do it!! This video is an edit (removing the failed attempts) into one continuous run and longplay.

Some things not mentioned in depth in this edit –

Clock Bug – the timer counts down incorrectly. So for example at 51 seconds, when that second is up it will jump down to 40 seconds, then jump back up to 49 seconds after!! Meaning, you have 10 seconds less than you think because after 11 seconds it will jump down to 0!

Wall crash playtest fail – yes, moving down between some screens will result in instant death because there may be some of the wall on the next screen in your way, but there’s no way to see or know that! Complete play test fail!!!

Awful game.

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