MSX Rookie drive NX – USB Mass Storage Interface August 2017

A surprise packaged arrived in the mail, from a member of the MSX community called Xavirompe. What he has put together is an amazing device that will work with most MSX models, providing access to files and disk images stored on a USB drive. In this video I show my first impressions of this device as I try it in various MSX models.

The cartridge is smart enough to work in too modes:

One for machines with less than 128k ram i.e. all MSX models and some MSX 2 models, providing raw file access but also the ability to load floppy disc images even if the machine has no disk interface.

The other it works as a full disk interface, supporting the Nextor extended operating system, that opens up a world of functionality.

For more information you can see Xavirompe’s blog on the interface here:


Due to the mostly ‘off the shelve’ components used, and enough support from the community, this project should make a more cost effective solution for all MSX users. Please show your supporting by contacting him on his blog site.

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