Channel Update June 2017 – Other Pickups, Top 3 Games That Drew You To A System, Home Brew Update

This is my general Channel Update and vlog for the month of June 2017.

This month I talk about:

Other pickups – a couple of items I picked up that I did not make a video for.

A quick shout out to Novabug and his latest Friday Foursome video, Top Fighting Game characters, see the video here:

But I also ask my own question:
“Top 3 Games That Drew You To A System Back In The Day”

A quick update and video of the progress of my latest home brew game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sydney Hunter and The Caverns of Death.

A shout out to Retro Unlim who have their new web site up and running, join the community here:


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I am part of the ‘Press Play On Tape’ podcast, join the mayhem here:

I also do live game plays, usually high score practices on Twitch here:

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