Retro Homebrew Colecovision Games (Team Pixelboy) Pickup & Play 16th June 2017

This is a very special box of home brew titles for the Colecovision from Team Pixelboy, it’s origins show the true spirit of the community in getting behind a member in need (Oscar).
The generousity of everyone almost overwhelmed Luc from Team Pixelboy, but he has done a magnificent job in putting these games together.
It is also a credit to all of the software authors in both the quality and quantity of work produced. Now most of these are home brew MSX games that have been ported, but they are all either by the original authors or with full permission to do so. And as you will see during the game plays they really are of a very good standard.

So grab some of your favourite beverages, as this video is apologetically quite long as we have a lot of games to get through.

The game plays in this video are:
– Txupinazo! (Colecovision)

– Stray Cat (Coleovision)

– Frostbite (Colecovision)

– Deep Dungeon Adventure (Colecovision)

– Heroes Arena (Colecovision)

– Shougana ! (Colecovision)

– Kaboom! (Colecovision)

– J.E.T.P.A.C. (Colecovision)

– Remember The Flag (Colecovision)

– Traffic Jam (Colecovision)

– Tetris (Colecovision)

– Danger Tower (Colecovision)

– Sudoku (Colecovision)

– Caverns of Titan (Colecovision)

– SHUMP! (Colecovision)

– Cold Blood (Colecovision)

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