Stranger Things Soundtrack Cassette | Duck Tales Returns | Adam West Is My Batman

Stranger Things soundtrack cassette and vinyl news, Return of the Duck Tales on DX, Some MTV videos footage from 1982, Netflix GLOW news, and 1966 Batman Adam West Passing. All that and more on your Retro Crunch Nostalgia fix!
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Hey guys, Welcome back to RETRO CRUNCH, the nostalgia show that is all about Current Pop Culture, Movies, Music, and Games that relates to all things 70s, 80s, and 90s!

First up! You may wanna break out that old cassette player or vinyl turn table! If you loved the Stranger Things music like I did, it is about to blow you 80s nostalgia mind once more. Starting July 14th at Urban Outfitter, you can get your hands on the stranger things soundtrack on cassette or vinyl record and bump to some of those sick 80s synth music tracks! Ive seen pics of them both and they look sweet! The ruby red cassette comes in a vintage 80s looking VHS tape sleeve and come to think of it, would look really cool on a book shelf. The vinyl one has some psychedelic art imprinting on the record itself and comes with a cool poster and some cards.

And Next, For those that don’t know, Duck Tales is coming back August 12th and will be airing a new 1 hr premier movie episode for 24 hours consecutively, and after that the newest episodes will officially begin on September 23rd. This new series is based on the original from 1987 and it looks like its going to bring back all the great characters from the show we loved as kids. And.. They even have a new theme song.. that sounds much like the old one. Ill link it down below for your duck tales viewing pleasure.

And we found some MTV gold! Wanna see 78 mins of sheer lo-fi MTV glory, well h h h has a 78 minute clip from 1982, and all its former glory. This is my favorite MTV treasure find since MTV aired its first 24 hours of programming on VH1 Classic way back in 2006. . Im sure you guys would just love to relive some 80s MTV, so ill post that in the notes down below too!

Also, GLOW, or the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling for you RetroHeads, Is being brought back by Netflix. And this time it’s going to be a 10 episode series loosely based on how GLOW was first created. Ive read the synapsis, and so far what im hearing is, it has a lot of aspects that relate very closely with how it all began. Although, Sylvester Stalone’s mom Jackie was a huge influence on GLOW from the 80s, im not sure if they will use her likeness in this new series or not. But from the previews, it Looks like its going to be good though.

And.. Last, but not least The beloved and greatest Dark Knight, or as he liked to call himself THE WHITE KNIGHT, Adam West died this past week and Oh My God, will it just end please… Im so tired of hearing about the passing of all my favorite childhood stars.. Can I just get 1 month without a loss.. Please! Alright Mr. West, youll be greatly missed, so rock on in that olllll’ Bat Pie in the Sky!

So that’s it guys for this update on all your RETRO news this week, so If you liked the video, be sure to hit the LIKE button and if your new to the channel, hit that subscribe button and also leave your comments below with what RETRO topics you’d like to see me cover NEXT!

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