PRINCE Estate Battle News, NES Classic Edition Update, and Back To The Future 4!

News on PRINCE estate and unreleased songs, Carrie Fisher news, Back to the Future 4, and more news about the NES classic edition. Also, is the SNES going to be the next system Nintendo releases?
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Hey Guys, Welcome to RETRO CRUCH!! Your weekly RETRO show that is all about Pop Culture, Movies, Music, and Games about all things 70s, 80s, and 90s!

OK my peeps, being as this is season 1, episode 1 or whatever you want to call it, there’s been a CRAZY amount of cool retro news over the last few months and I figured, hey, what the HELL – lets kind of get caught up!

And the first thing I want to talk about is the The Artist Currently and not formerly known as PRINCE. There’s been some updates on his estate battle and just this week, there seems to be a lot of new information coming out about him and his fortune.

A Minnesota judge just named Princes sister and five half-siblings as the heirs to the musicians estate. There has been an ongoing battle for his fortune and more than 45 people came out of the woodwork to make claims on his assets after his death more than a year ago.

As dirty as his songs were, I sorta felt like he might be my daddy too. Wait.. What?

Anyways, this is some good news for Prince fans and those that just want to see his estate finally have some closure.

And the last news I have about Prince is that some of Prince unreleased songs were scheduled to be released just a few weeks ago and the Prince family has blocked that for now. And That’s all I have so far on this story, but ill keep you updated as more news unfolds.

And, on to the next royalty. The Princess of Alderaan, Carrie Fisher passed away from a heart attack. Ya, I know, it was December 27th, 2016 but I’m not over it, ok?

She was well known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars series which debued in 1977 and she made her most recent return to the franchise with the release of The Force Awakens in 2015.

She was only 60 years old and was making a resurgent comeback before the news.

All I can say about this is We will miss you Carrie and may the force be with you.

But,hey guys on this story, or the Prince one, im really curious to know your thoughts on losing these huge icons so early. Do you have a favorite memory of them or do you even care?

Id really like to hear your thoughts on these stories, so if you like to talk about it, you can let me know in the comments section below.

And onto some lighter news, and frankly my favorite to talk about today. Some fans made a really badass fan-made trailer for Back to the Future 4!!

Although everyone from the originally trilogy has said they wont come back for a 4th movie, this is still pretty fun to watch! Ill post a link to it down below so you all can check it out.

And.. Since were talking about REMAKES – There’s been a ton of movies that have recently been released in the last year to include remakes of: The Magnificent Seven, Ben Hur, Petes Dragon, Ghost Busters, The Jungle Book, Legend of Tarzan, and OH MY GOD, too many to count!! hell.. With so many remakes having been done, I am sure I missed some. Its a seriously like a REBOOT Wonderland out there!

And in all honesty, there are many people out there that just don’t want to see these movies rebooted or remade and I get that, you want to preserve the nostalgia of the original and don’t want to see it butchered or horrifically altered –

but I for one kind of enjoy seeing a fresh take on some of the old classics. So, if you are like me and like to see these reboots, what would you like to see redone next, and for those that are opposed, id love to hear your thoughts on why?

And last on my list, but I plan to cover more in a future episode is the coming and going of the famed NES Classic mini.

I barely had a chance to get my hands on one before Nintendo announced they were discontinuing it – those bastards..

For those that were lucky enough to get one, bravo. CLAP CLAP CLAP But for those that haven’t, there’s word that the S NES may be next to be sold by Nintendo, so get your preorder in early and often.

And that’s all I’ve got for you guys this time.

All That said of course, this is RETRO CRUNCH and remember, if you liked this video and like what im trying to do on this channel, hit that like button and if your new here hit the subscribe button.

So, till next time, you just keep on keepin on, keep it real, and I’ll be back soon, with another video!

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