[Archive] Harry Yack’s 482 Sub Livestream Special PART I

Starts around 6:30. Murphy’s law – anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Originally streamed on 3 July 2015 via YouTube. There were severe quality issues with the live stream, but this is the non-laggy locally recorded version in glorious standard definition. Now ain’t that cute?

Some timecodes

6:30 Intro
8:00 The Traveller
27:00 A message from Arnold!
29:50 Wild Streets
42:00 Cyberboy AKA Pacman WITH FRICKIN LASERS
52:40 Aborted Blockbusters (black screen)
56:30 Blockbusters restarted with screen
1:03:00 Blockbusters and Goldrun (completely different game)
1:09:50 Subterapuzlo
1:20:00 Roland in the Caves
1:33:50 INTERMISSION: Frogs and Flies (Atari 2600)
1:39:00 Rampage
1:43:50 Countdown
1:53:13 Fish Tank Simulator
1:59:00 Weetabix vs the Titchies
2:08:00 Blockbusting karaoke outro! (It *did* get me a copyright ID thingy!)

Note: ads are due to my use of the Blockbusters theme! So sorry about dat, yalgh.

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