Selfie: Sisters of the Amniotic Lens [14/05/15] “Messages of hope in a world of bum numbness.”

Join the lens…

Guest starring a bottle message left by a certain subscriber! 🙂

“Your message offers hope in a world of bum numbness. Cheers.”

“Once, at the age of 12, I set a cat on fire… Nobody will find this out. You live too far from me and our eyes will never cross on the street.”

“This game truly is a life changer… To everyone who reads this, in this crazy f’d up realm we live in, I want you to know that love for your fellow man… is the key to enlightenment.”

“If I met you on the street, would you spare me the laser beam in the groin?”

Next time: A tribute to the Madchester beat. Maybe – depends on how many people remember that New Order song.

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