GamesNight: Episode 1

My 150th video on the YouTubes 😀 In case you were wondering why I put this up, GamesNight was a series Wez and I created and pitched to Xleague in February 2007 as a serious discussion program about video games, which would have various people from the gaming industry in he panel (such as programmers, publishers, press Etc.) and each episode would be about either events that happened in gaming that week or more broader “in general” topics.

They liked the idea and turned it into a series, but I ended up having very little to do with the show (I was only ever in one episode) but Wez was pretty much their “resident house guest” and was on at least 90% of the episodes filmed (He’d also often need to come up with topics to discuss).

They changed the format a bit in later episodes, it was extended to an hour long show and also had reviews in them and also kept having the same four guests on each episode which irked fans.

The presenter (& Game Dude lookalike) Alan Boiston sadly only presented the show for three episodes. Shame really as we were planning on doing a proper 30 minute retro gaming show together with programmers from the 80’s as guests Etc. which would have been awesome, but his departure put and end to that 🙁

But the show lasted from May 2007 to June 2008. I’d tell you more, but some douche bag deleted the wikipedia article.

Anyhoo, I was looking for some blank CD’s and I came across a DVD with a few episodes of GamesNight on it. So thought you might like to see one of our TV shows that I’ve not promoted as much as I did the Retro Corner or Top Tens.

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