[AMSTRAD GX4000] Dick Tracy – Speed Run (1 of 2)

Speed Run (one life) of Titus software’s “Dick Tracy” movie licence. The original tape/disk game was atrocious, here for once they’ve actually completely re-made the game from scratch rather than just dump the original game as it was with a few nicer colours, and using the hardware scrolling and sprites its a much better game.

Nice looks and scrolling are deceiving though, as the animation is laughable and the gameplay monotonous. Although, its strangely enjoyable in a weird way…

Anyway I play through to the end on one life, once you’ve worked out a system to beat the various guys its not too hard. Shame about the ‘ending’ or lack of one! And the worst insult … the game looping back to the first level!

For more information please see – http://gx4000.co.uk/gamebase/games.php?game=dicktracy

gx4000.co.uk score/rating : 63%

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