[AMSTRAD GX4000] Burnin’ Rubber (Gameplay Run-through)

Here’s the first ever game any GX4000 owner would have played – the racing game that came with the console! Made by Ocean who did an excellent job, and an obvious reworking of their earlier game WEC Le Mans with lovely graphics, enhanced Plus pallete of colours, fab music although the engine noise of the car tends to get on my nerves after a while!!

I’m just giving this a quick play-though, not my best attempt! I’ve yet to finish this, but I’m close to. Controls are a little sluggish, but the collision detection is spot on.

For more information please see – http://gx4000.co.uk/gamebase/games.php?game=burninrubber

gx4000.co.uk score/rating : 84%

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